Green Light Academy is one of many educational and cultural programs offered by Beacon Preservation, Inc. a nonprofit organization designed to promote environmental conservation, sustainable energy options, and “green collar” skills training through lighthouse preservation.

At the GLA, students don’t just learn about the science behind biodiesel—we utilize used cooking oil and make some up in our lab! Our “green” curriculum is aligned with specific activities, field trips, and place-based environmental experiments that challenge students to apply what they learn in class. Students engage in an interactive curriculum and applied learning activities to explore environmental science, math, technology, and humanities. Students also develop writing skills and learn how to photograph and document their experiences. The cumulative result is student-initiated sustainability plan, system design, and hands-on installation of a reverse osmosis desalination clean-water system at Goose Rocks lighthouse. 

Map the region and understand ecosystems, construct a working wind turbine with your team, harness solar energy by making a sun-powered car that can also run on a fuel cell! Take a boat tour of the Penobscot Bay to Mount Desert Rock and Great Duck Island, wade through a marsh looking for aquatic life—even learn about the history of New England’s haunted lighthouses.  

Students will use place-based learning experiments and field study to understand the connection between biology, chemistry, and physics affecting Maine ecosystems. Classes travel to the beach to explain the properties that differentiate salt water from fresh water. Build a solar still to observe the effects of hydrogen bonds on water and explain how water purifies itself. Visit a wind farm and see the different forms of energy production, distinguishing between the benefits and disadvantages of each for different climates and structures.  

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